Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Per Christy's request!!!! My Personal Style

Christy I have to say that the task that you laid out was proven difficult and I have been searching the web for hours (Approx. 3).  I must say like Christy I can't nail down just one type of style to be my own.  I like to think that I have an eclectic style about me where I can bring many styles into one.  This picture below brings in my love of pink,  a shabby chic look with the pictures, mirrors and there frames.  I love the chrome details of the appliances and accessories.  I love that the kitchen sink is cafeteria style....  I love when people re-purpose spaces into a place to live. I also am a fan of vintage religious paintings.  
Tell me what you think!   I think that this space is almost dead on of what my personal style is.  I giggled when i saw that this is Betsy Johnson loft...  I love her designs so kitchy and fun.......


  1. YAY! Amazing and yes, perfectly you! Love it!

  2. It is so perfect for you!!! And that cracks me up, too, that it's Betsey's home, knowing your love for her. This is clearly what your loft will look like when you hit the big time.