Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fire up the jet old chap i wanna go back........

while I was doing a daily search on etsy this morning I came across a necklace that was made from a picture of a nut that was called a devil head from china. This instantly triggered a memory from my childhood of a place that I lived briefly when I was 6... A short train ride from New York city along the Hudson river and just a short trip from Fahnestock memorial state park a wonderful play ground for the outdoor enthusiast .

This place has a special place in my heart and wish I could live there forever!!!
When I was 6 my mother myself and brother moved into a loft apartment on main st. just upstairs from the local bar and not even a mile from the local school that was grade k-12. This town was and still is considered a antiquing town! I remember having my window open on a hot summer night and I could hear the auctioneer screaming the prices in his monotone rhyme. The soft beat from the jukebox downstairs vibrating me to sleep. Walking down to the river front to smell the river and collect devil heads on the stone shore. Walking to school and it actually being up hill both ways! Getting ice cream at the local pizza parlor on our way home from school..... Picking tulips from the older women's front garden. Getting yelled at by the same women for picking her flowers and telling us to ask her to cut them for us instead of us pulling out her bulbs! playing in the play ground that I thought was so big and so far away..... And to my surprise it was small and very close to the home....

When I went back for the first time after abandoning this magical place I think I appreciated it more and missed it just as much. I could help but be proud that i had given a little of my childhood to have a memory as strong as this unique place that I now hold so close to my heart and wish I could still be living there...... It's the whole of this town that if you have been there then you know what I am talking about! Its magic and beauty that capture you and the surroundings make you wonder does this place exist or is this a dream?

Yes indeed it does exist its a small town in the Hudson valley just along the river.....
Cold Spring, New York..... A magical place that just might bring back your imagination.....

photo credit: the Cold Spring Architectural and Historic District Review Board

Photo credit: Amy Lee Pearsall

photo credit tony mazariello

The history of the town and the architecture I could find pictures the display its beauty
Full of abandoned castles and foundries. there is a ton of mystery that surrounds this town as well. Totally worth the trip if you ever decide you do want to go.

Upon my return to New York next year I promise when i visit my old stomping ground i will take a slew of photos for you!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


YES!  Indeed i am!

Sorry its so small but its the only one that would fit!

Saturday. November. 21. 2009  
11am - 6pm
Atlanta, Georgia
(please click on the link for more info on the event and directions!)

I Came across this by chance and good thing i did!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! 
I will be trying my darnedest to get to this on the 21st!!
Check out the vendor list on the website its kind of exciting!!


<span class=

For those of us that don't have the pleasure of a weekend off here is a weekday show that has after work hours!!! YIPPEE!!!!

Its the best of both worlds!  Check out the photos if you can and you can see a sample of what kind of vendors will be there! 

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a
 few of my favorite things................
Upon browsing Etsy I came across not just a few things but ALOT of things! 
Here are a few that I have started to fall for......

Jane Austen's Romantic Eco Friendly Java Jacket
Made by TerreMum
A great store full of eco-chic clothing for children and adults!

Owl <span class=
Adorable shop full of cute ornaments and mp3 holders.
def. worth checking out!

Mini <span class=

made by vivikas
Adorable creatures for all people young and old!!!
These also make great stocking stuffers!

Marigold Necklace
Unique and affordable jewelry!  A great shop full of one of a kind finds!

French Bird Lady Cameo Silhouette (Art Print)
Made by ToxicInk
a great find! this shop is full of corky prints that i absolutely love!

SALE <span class=
I love this shop!  i love the humor that goes along with these beautiful antique cups and plates!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Clutch Hitters! The final piece to any outfit!

So being a person who's a big fan of the "BIG" shoulder bag (I am lost with out a large bag and i have no idea why I can never find anything in it) !  I have a new appreciation for the clutch!  
 a beautiful piece of arm candy!   i recently started my search for the "perfect" one........ well needless to say I have fallen for more then one!!!   I recently came across a designer on where else but etsy called Design du Jour.  A professional seamstress and costume designer who worked many years in the theater industry.   They believe being  environmentally conscience using high quality up cycled, recycled fabrics and materials! A VERY fun find please enjoy!

SALE-<span class=Butter cream Silk Dupioni Ruffle Purse - The Storybook - Sustainable Silk">

Red Silk Purse with Purple Felt - Lattice

Pewter Silk Purse with Lace and Yellow Ribbon- The Georgina

Royal Purple and Ivory Silk Purse - Pocket Full of Posies

Yellow Silk and Black Velvet Purse-The Georgina

A wonderful  collection of purses for all occasions.  they welcome custom orders for individuals and are willing to send swatches for custom made pieces.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I went on a time machine and it took me back to when I went on vacation in sept!

it took long enough but here it is!

So I finally got to take a vacation (in Sept.). First stop was to St Louis to visit my good friend Mbear or Maven Mama and her family. What a fantastic city! full of wonderful culture and history out in the open for you to see. A raw city full of history as raw as the materials that it once produced in its industrial rein! the true gate way of the mid west. an interesting feeling when your standing there thinking about it. A person that has never been to any where other then the east coast. its interesting to see this city it really took me a sec to wrap my head around the fact that it is very different from the east coast in there manor and culture far different then what I'm used to! My experience left me intrigued to say the least as if you got a sample of cheese at the store and didn't buy the block to take home. I got a small taste of what St. Louis has to offer but didn't get a full bite( my own fault I only spent 48 hours in the city). def. a place to come back to and plan on as long as they will have me:)

Maven Mama
and the wee one!!

Why sir that is a rather large horse your riding!

Fall on the Horizon

One of my favorite garden flowers!

After I left St Louis and spent all day in airports I finally landed in my second destination and my home town of New York! When I landed in White Plains that day I couldn't help but feel misty eyed thinking I was home! Seeing the city in the background of the airport I felt butterflies in my stomach. The nerves finally hit me! What if I didn't fit in anymore? What if it had forgotten me? Or even worse what if I had forgotten it? I got into my rental car and started my drive to my expectant aunt who was awaiting my arrival at her house! First I had to take the long way to do my usual tour of the old neighborhood. First was the high school full of horrible but life changing memories. Next Stop! The house that I say we abandoned and was horrified by the outcome of what the new owners had or should I say had not done to it. Then it was off to my destination....I pulled into the drive the kids came out to greet me and I walked into the house and hugged my aunt who I miss everyday and it started to feel like I never left!

This is a city that has no real way of describing it.... My heart truly beats for this city! this is something a true New Yorker will tell you when they leave...... I told myself when I went back this time I was going to experience it like I have never done before. I wanted to take as much of it in as I could.... I was going to do my best to try and get to everything but I knew this couldn't my list was so large and I think I might have gotten to 1/4 of it! There will be other times!!!

My first day in new york was full of much needed rest and sleep. As I got out of bed I had every intention of going out and exploring but never got to it! But my family was taking me out to dinner! Aurthur ave...... everyone who lives in New York knows that this is the mecca of fresh baked bread!!!! Some of the BEST bakeries are on this road!!!! I also went to school down the road at the New York Botanical Garden....... Again I shocked myself when I started giving directions on how to get there!!!! My uncles where thinking I was wrong but much to there surprise and myself I was right!! It was all coming back and it felt good that I could start remembering the old New York me. We went out to a restaurant called Mario's and where I haven't had food taste that good on my tongue in a very long time........ I was home and it was getting better and more familiar every second........ I'm not Italian and my family is very proud of there Irish heritage believe me!!!! But going down that road full of Italian pride woke up my heart and love for this wonderful city full of the best food I have ever put in my mouth! Its also a remarkable sight that you will not see in any other city and I can say that I was born and raised there and could not have felt any prouder of my birth right then I did at that moment!!

The following day was my big day in the big city..... This was the test to see how much I could remember and how soft I really did get moving away from the cold hard steel and rushing traffic, honking horns, taxi cabs, street vendors.... Everything your heart desires. I made it down there in one piece found my usual parking spot and left the car after being yelled at my a cop for being to aggressive that's when I really knew that my heart was still in all the right places! I started my trek on to my usual stopping spots. First stop Sanrio store on 42ND St. I spent way to much money and alot of time here cause as everyone knows I love Hello Kitty! As some people know 42ND street and Broadway is Times Square the heart beat of New York! Next stop was Lunch where we Dinned at Juniors cheese cake in the theater district. (unfortunately I have lost some of these pictures ) Next stop China town. After our lunch it was down to the subway and off to canal street....
Only place that you can find anything and everything on one street. These crowded streets are full of people looking to score stuff of name brand that are REALLY CHEAP! Only rich people will tell you that this is wrong and would never take part in! But to tell you the truth the average American( me and most of you) cant afford those things without braking the bank! So... as a result I took part in some of this illegal activity and scored some ripped off finds!
after getting through the mob of people we ducked out onto mulberry street and any New Yorker will tell you that this is the place to eat and be merry if you LOVE Italian food! And that I do! To our surprise a street fair was taking place and the streets where closed off to cars and it was wonderful to walk around and not have to worry about a car or taxi taking you out!
I bought some ravioli and did a little street shopping and I couldn't have been any happier! At that moment the excitement subsided and the depression started to set in and my heart broke because the reality is that I don't live in this magical city anymore! It was a bittersweet moment and it made me sad! and before you knew it we were on foot again to head back to the subway and head back home! As we got home everyone realized that I was leaving the next day and and it just didn't seem right! As my family says you need to come back! these are your roots and your just not taking well to the transplant. No amount of water can fix this slowly dying flower! It needs to go back where it came from so it can bloom and grow! If it only were that easy!
So as I drove myself back to the airport and returned my rental car and passed through security I couldn't help but feel as if i were abandoning something that was important to me. I boarded my plane and as we took off It started raining as if to say we will miss you! As we were being lifted above the clouds and the city beneath me I said farewell old friend I will see you again but next time it wont be so long before I come back I promise!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Zippity Doo Dah ......Zippity AH?


 Upon my daily scan of etsy what did i come across again but in a beautiful form? A lovely zipper necklace.... and that's when i fell in love with zippers!!!

Zipper necklace, beige-silver, UNIQUE PIECE jewelry

I fell in love with this necklace when i saw it from Silviasthink 
As well as these earrings



This one is from ReborneJewelry


Zipper brooch from Katecusack

I hope you have a zippity time looking at these beautiful pieces!!!! 

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Daydream......

I call these daydreams they are short and sweet and i jot them down when im thinking about it..... here is one....

Mr. Darcy........

As I lay on my side and look through the rain clad window and watch the drops slowly make there way down the panes of glass making it looked blurred and wavy as if tears were wandering down a persons face.... the symbolism is there and i missed him and wanted him..........  I searched for him my whole life and dreamed of him and when i found him i took advantage of the time we shared.   now the person that i dreamed of finding is gone and i lay here alone.......

Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh The searching And Creating I Do...............

Oh the searches I do online daily for anything vintage or crafting and decorating ideas.  I couldn't begin to calculate how many hours go into searching for just the right inspiration that I so desperately need  to complete the master piece that is my studio or bedroom...... I have to admit that I am so very close to being finished........ but is anyone ever really finished completing their masterpiece?  I know when the time comes I will eventually redecorate everything that I have done!  but for now I can enjoy what I have done so far......

I recently redecorated my bathroom from the god awful red that it was.   I know some of you will gasp after reading that but please allow me to explain that the red that was in the bathroom did not fit the room.  Red is not fitting for a small bathroom in fact red or any other dark color is not fitting color for any room that is small.  I changed the color of my bathroom to a beautiful light blue with black accessories and chrome details(fixtures).  I chose a lovely black and white damask shower curtain black shelving and black wall decoration with white bath towels, black and white hand towels and blue wash clothes.  I have to say it looks lush and spa like and was a lovely change to an other wise blah and not so fitting bathroom.  (Pictures to come).  

So on to my web find for all of you web junkies out there that are looking for cute hard to find items....... this a wonderful website that has beautiful stationary and wonderful art pieces and lovely cards and journals....... the website is papaya  (Click on the link for the website). here are the purchases that I recently made to make my boudoir complete.  

Bewitched $48.00

Beautiful $16.00
Beautiful - Art Panel Print - Art Panel Prints
Parrot Girl $16.00

Victorian Bird $16.00

Visit papaya and bask in the beautiful things they have for sale.... And Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Timeless Fashions

I know that vintage has been "in" but i came across this etsy store and i couldn't help but share these beautiful dresses with you...... 
these beautiful vintage couture dresses are very much still in right now and i know that you guys will love them as much if not more then i do 
i want to give a a big thanks to timeless vixen vintage's shop for creating a shop with beautiful things for people to buy especially at a reasonable price as well. these are pieces that i have only seen in magazines thanks for making it easier for people to find.....
here are a few of my favorites but please check out her etsy store Enjoy!

Monday, July 6, 2009

And we never thought we would wear them again........

 It took me a hot min to grow fondly of these necklaces but now i cant get enough of looking at them or trying them on i just wish i had THE outfit to wear with them or finding the one that i couldn't live without.....

Your asking yourself what on earth is she talking about and I'm talking about the ever growing trend of the bib necklace or statement necklaces.....  

here are a few favs that i happen to run across.... 

Anthropologie has a large collection of bib necklaces here are a couple of fav's

the prices for these 3 necklaces run from $38.00 to $178.00.

There are also a ton of sellers on etsy with beautiful pieces for sale.....

Doloris Petunia has a very eclectic collection of statement necklaces in her store here are a few of my fav's from her store.....

these 3 necklaces are priced from $75.00 to $125.00.

I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as i do ......