Monday, March 9, 2009

Its My Party and I Will Decorate How I Want To

As some of you may have know my 29Th birthday was last week!  My Friends and Family Gathered To My House To Help Me Celebrate.......... 
My friends thought that butterflies was an appropriate theme for my Birthday.  With that said I flew with it obviously Stating that I of course would be 
doing the flowers and most of the decoration since that is my 
profession anyway and it would be easier and more cost effective if i just went ahead and did the flowers and the decor for the party.
...(I know this takes most of the fun out for my friends on planning a party, but with any chance that i can freely express myself I'm going to; I don't get to do that often).  
Here Are a few pictures of the decor from the party..... 

The Dinning Room.
I made my own tissue flowers for the chandelier (it didn't make sense to pay 20 dollars for the Martha  Stewart ones at Micheal's).
The lanterns are the eyelet ones from Martha Stewart (I borrowed these from a friend).
The large butterfly on the lantern i hand cut these out of scrap book paper (I never use scrap book paper f
or what its for).
The vases are borrowed from work(its nice when you work someplace that you can borrow props like this without having to spend money.)
and the spheres i made out of carnations(descriptions will come later with a close up shot).

I choose Pink Yellow and Tangerine as the color palette for the flowers.
Carnations are one of my favorite flower to tell you the truth they come in more colors that you can think of and are VERY recession friendly.
I love Spheres i think its a beautiful clean and simple shape and design and the carnations just make it look like its covered in ruffles.
I don't get to use them that often but when i do i just smile when i look at them.
The vases i choose are pedestal round floater bowls that i turned upside down.
I put butterflies underneath the bowl so it gave it some interest and used up some negative space .  It made it look as though they were on display. 
I tied different patterns of ribbon in the same color palette as the flowers on to the stem of the vase.  i also stuck the extra butterflies on the top o
f the spheres so it looked as if they were pollinating the flowers.

 A closer pic of the spheres.

If you have ever been to my parents home then you know my mothers buffet is my favorite piece of furniture she owns.  We decorated it with dessert.
Cupcakes,  Cotton Candy in Pink and Yellow and Jars of Swirl Lollipops, Candy Necklaces and Rock Candy sticks in the same colors as everything else.

This is a closer shot of the Cupcakes that my good friend April made they were vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream with a ruffle detail on the icing 
and i bought laser cut paper butterfly cupcake wrappers to go around them.  the cupcake toppers were made by myself and my best friend Roni.

The Mantle in the living room.
This took me 3 days to finish.  Our mantle is always decorated with pieces from my mothers huge collection of depression glass.... but i added the wreath the butterflies the flowers the sticks and the vases. 
The sticks on the sides of the mantle were bought at my wholesaler and I painted them pink and then added all the butterflies to them.  
reindeer moss was added to the vases to hold them in place.

The wreath in the center was made out of scrapbook paper like the one i made in a previous blog out of doilies.  
The butterflies are also made out of scrapbook paper and cut free hand
again i made my own tissue flowers.
the butterflies i bought from everywhere. I probably bought over a hundred butterflies for the party. and they are stuck here and there across the mantle.

angle shots of the sides

It took me a month to plan and get together and i was working on everything until an hour before the party started.  All the planning and the work and its already over......
I had a fabulous time and thanks to everyone that pitched in.


  1. WOW! It all looks amazing! I am very impressed!

  2. You friggin rock! Preston's got nothing on you. I love everything you did, and I wish I could have been there! Happy Belated Birthday!