Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ooh la la ... utter cuteness

As some of you may know I'm a wedding florist. With that said I was setting up a rather large  wedding this past Saturday (yes i know valentines day very original and quite cheesie).  Anyway i asked a friend to help us with the wedding and then with the late night pick up that night.  While we we waited for them to finish off there last glass of champagne  and the last dance to be danced we headed to highland tap in the Virginia highlands for a reservation i had made the day before..... if you have never been there it is really  quite nice and unique.... It's like being in an underground bar in London very warm dim lights stone walls candle lamps on the table literally at the bottom of a building... the food was wonderful and we had the most delicious appetizer of fried risotto with asiago cheese ...yum yum. and to finish it off with something wonderful we had pistachio gelato from Paolo's (for anyone that goes into the Virginia highlands you have to go here and have the gelato its yummy and a local hot spot there is usually a line but worth the wait...).  While walking back to the car we did some window shopping and came across a store called the paper source ( I love this store its full of hand made wrapping paper beautiful stationary and they also sell paper flowers which are beautiful... while admiring there window display they made this wreath out of the wrapping paper they sell with hearts and flowers it was oh so cute.....  i decided i could make one of those myself and sure enough i did.  I love eyelet its my fav and i buy almost anything with eyelet. so with out further delay here is the wreath that i made the night after i saw the one in the window

it was really simple to make i used a pre-cut cardboard round (i bought the round at Michael's in the cake section).  I then  made cones out of all different sized doilies and started hot gluing them to the round until it was completely covered. you can attach a ribbon to the back to hang and walla my oh so cute wreath!!!

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  1. you haven't posted in a week! c'mon! I'm desperate (read: sad and a little pathetic) for a new Lisa post!