Monday, June 8, 2009

Rest In Peace YOKO.......

Note: This happened 3weeks ago and everything has been replaced just wanted to share the story anyway!

This past weekend was a eventful weekend  filled with stress, anxiety and pleasure ( I know a weird combo!).  On Friday after i got off work (and i was counting the seconds)  i was going to sit out side and relax! I was determined to relax. As i tried to relax and write my comedic novel and listen to some tunes.... i was approached by a friend that i haven't hung out with in a very hot min. as i relaxed and hung out it came time to start thinking about what i was going to do with the rest of the evening and then it was decided!  due to the time of night we decided that we would hit up the local walmart and get a frozen pizza and watch a movie.  How pleasant and that it was until the realization happened when i pulled away from my friends house later that evening I reached into my pocket
 and i could not locate my wallet!!! I rushed back to the door woke up my friends and realized looked a
ll around and realized that it wasn't there.  searched my car wasn't there! Frantic I drove back to walmart and it wasn't there either ....  This puts a small damper on things due to the fun filled weekend i had set up and without my wallet this would not happen!  By the time i got home it was nearly 4am and i was dog tired and realized if i was going make this a fun filled weekend and make it to Atlanta by 12 noon the next day i would have to be awake by 830am and out the door by 9am to make it to the dmv by 930am to get a new licence. then get to the bank to start canceling all of my cards.  This was sucky and i didn't want to do it but i had to.  i woke up at 830 started getting myself ready got out the door got to the dmv and went to the bank and was done all before 10am this was a relief.   I met up with my friend and we headed to the high museum and saw the monet exibit.  If you have the chance to see it go its worth it! its not a huge display but its a wonderful collection ......  I had everything i needed in my purse my sunglasses new licence and temp ATM card
 camera pen and check book i was ready..... when we left the museum i went into my purse to retrieve my sunglasses that were much needed due to the blinding sun (when you have light eyes like i do the sun actually hurts) i realized that they were broken!! the lens had popped out due to the frame being broken not save able.... i was heart broken these were trademark glasses for me i gained the nickname Yoko due to the size and shape on my face
...... May you rest in eternal piece my sweet Yoko glasses you will be sadly missed (until i replace you). 
(an update the glasses have yet to be replaced!)


SO..... on to Sunday.  I had some family and friends over to have a dip in the pool on this hot day.  and then the big plan was to head to L5P  to see a the Bon Iver show that I was desperate to see at variety..(this show was sold out which stunned the shit out of
 me) .. but we thought that we might be able to get tickets if we headed down there (to my dismay so where a lot of other people....) after the disappointment. we parked to see if the store that i got my Yoko glasses was open and again with disappointment they were not.... then we headed to holy mother tattoo shop and i was going to get tattoos fixed covered up and added body art..... needless to say i didn't get that much needed craving for ink done due to the heat of the summer and time to think about what i really want... much to my surprise i have decided to fix my ankle butterfly and fill her in black (due to it being so old and the person who did do it did a terrible job) and do a trail of butterflies going all the way down to my ankle and right before the bottom of my foot in Bright pink white green and orange...... i also wanted to cover up my shoulder tattoo because again its a reminder of a mistake and something i should have thought about.... but i have decided to get a permanent henna paisley design in sepia tones with a colorful life like peacock feather coming out the bottom......... if I'm going to cover my body i want it to be beautiful and that people can take pleasure in looking at.... and with that my night drifted along with the muggy hot ga air and i hopped in my car and made my way home to crash and burn from that eventful weekend......................

I hope you all got a kick out of my story took me long enough to write it.....

JeWelRY UPDATE!!!!! I have made more pieces but have just been to lazy to take pictures or if i have to lazy to upload plus the memory on my mac is just about full(i find this to be amazing its mostly from itunes as well) but as soon as I'm not so tired and have time i will post all the pictures for you (i will do my best to get them up today at some point)........

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  1. good luck on the glasses. I know all about the attachment one feels for 'trademark' shades. The upshoot: A good excuse to do some Target shopping!