Monday, April 12, 2010

Fairy Tales from Make-Believe-Land!!!!! A wedding Inspiration blog!

I shop in the periodical section of book stores and grocery stores pretty much daily! Upon my daily scan of magazines I picked up my usual array of wedding magazines for my dose of inspiration........ Here are somethings that I adore and would pick for myself if i were getting married ..... so to share

It started with a ring..........

I actually tried this ring on
so fab!
Harry Winston Cushion cut Diamond Ring

The ring that every girl dreams of getting!
Tiffany's Diamond Solitaire
And The Traditional.....
A Sapphire is actually the traditional Engagement stone!

Don't Forget To RSVP!

The DRESS!!!!!

Love all of these!!
they are from last year but....
I cant help but share!

Who said your gown had to be white?

Love This One!!!
I'm a Sucker for ruffles!!!

all of these dresses are from
Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2009

Told you I liked Ruffles!!
Christian Dior Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2008

Shoes? Did you say shoes? Where?

Christian Louboutin
Royal Blue bow sling backs

Yes I love Royal Blue shoes under a wedding dress!
I have always wanted to do this!!!!!

Stuart <span class=
Stuart Weitzman
even thought it was cute

and so did
Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson - $225

and ......

Poetic Licence - Holiday Delight - $133
poetic Licence

or Just a plain Sequin peep-toe Heel?
Oh the choices a girl must make!

Don't Mind If I Do!

Slide Show Image

Sweet Wedding Almond

Glasses on a Stick - The Cat

Mustache and Lips on a Stick - The Couple

I love these you can get all different kinds of things on them....
this would not only be a great favor but AWESOME PHOTO OPP!
check them out here

Well Since i am a wedding florist I refuse to talk about the same old.......
Instead flower alternatives......

if you know me you know that this bouquet was put into Martha Stewart weddings for me to look at!

I came across this on blogger
I love these bouquets! So fab.......

She does an excellent job and they are so timeless!!!

Check out her blog to see these beautiful creations!!!

What a wonderful alternative to Fresh.....

Paper Tropical Flower Bouquet

Who knew Paper Could Fold into Something so Lovely!
so very life like but not!
Check out the rest of her beautiful bouquets!

yellow felt bouquet

Felt and button bouquets how cute are these? I love them!!!
she sells kits on etsy to make your own GENIUS!!!

white handmade bouquet

Check her out here

I have been sitting here thinking about what else to post but I think that is all for now!!! LOL.. Hard to believe I know!


  1. well i am sans boyfriend/fiance at the moment, but if i was getting married i'd certainly want some of these stunning items to be involved!!!!

  2. Dont worry i am in the same boat but it is nice to day dream!