Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered?

Have you ever Wondered about a house that looked abandoned and you couldn't help but think whats the story behind it? I think that we all did as kids! You forget about these times when you were younger and it takes a great story for them to be rekindled!

I was driving to work on Sunday night listening to NPR's This American Life with Ira Glass and the tale "House On Loon Lake" was the story of the week and as I drove along I am listening to them describe it as a " Real life Hardy Boys".
Normally I get so wrapped up in driving and just getting to my destination that I hardly pay attention to whats on the radio. But for some reason today I was all ears. I couldn't help but get wrapped up into what the speakers of my car where allowing me to listen to.... and that's when it all sparked the memories of my childhood. A group of kids who made up tales about abandoned house's....... but just like the program asked "do you go in?" Or do you leave it be and continue to believe your own tales?

Unlike the story that was playing on the radio I left the house be and continued to believe my own wise tales on what could have happened! The story continued and the man was telling his tales of when he went into this house and I felt as if I were right there with him exploring the house with the same fears and excitement...... This is what could have happened to us! If only.......

I continued to listen hoping that I was going to be able to finish the rest before I had to be into work. I was transfixed by it! My heart pounded when they described exploring the home.... and my heart broke while describing the abandoned letters they had found! I was dumbfounded by how emotional I was getting over it The words continued and I continued to listen.... I wanted to know the outcome just like an impatient reader!!!! Except I couldn't cheat and go to the end of the book to look!
They continued to read on and I was growing impatient because I wasn't going to be able to finish listening to the program and I was growing sad and disappointed! I wanted the outcome.... I felt like a child that had just been punished!

I went into work feeling as if something were missing. I was a little sad that I couldn't stay in my car and finish listening. But before I left the car I wrote down all the information I need to see if i could find it hoping that they posted them online! When I arrived home later that night I went directly to my computer to check to see if NPR happen to post this weeks story. I felt like the kid in the Christmas story so impatient to decode his little orphan annie secret message!

And to my luck they surely did post it! I was relieved and excited. I finally got to finish it! Triumph! To my surprise I had only missed 20 min of the rest of the story. The feelings where still there and I felt as if I were helping with the mystery and trying to uncover the truth. As they finished telling me the last bit I was left with a bittersweet feelings some relief and bewilderment.

But hey I guess that's to be expected right?

When your driving or walking around some where do you ever stop and see a building and wonder? Wonder what it's original purpose was? Wonder what it was like back then when they built it? I wonder this all the time! These are times that I wish I could go back and sneak a peak of what it was really like. The curiosity in us sometimes wishes that you could really feel an era instead of just having a sense of what it was like. What we find to be extraordinary about those times was so ordinary back in that time!

The curiosity, wonder and imagination are what make these stories come to life!
The question is: Do you go in? Or do you leave it be and continue to believe your own tales?

You can find the story at This American life "House On Loon Lake"
Photo Credit: Photo taken from This American Life Website.

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