Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A designer GOD!!!

God I love John Galliano!!!!!
and here is why......
Dior's Haute Couture
Spring/Summer 2010

29.jpg picture by fashionista83


31.jpg picture by fashionista83

dior, junon dress Pictures, Images and Photos



This one might be my fav...

Collection by John Galliano for Christian Dior at the haute couture, spring/summer 2010 season in Paris.

Such a toss up I'm loving yellow right now!

His Fall/Winter collection is INSANE!!!

A Garden of Dresses Literally

This one is my fav. Like i said i love yellow right now!

neon dress

dior haute couture fall 2010


dior haute coutoue gown

dior gown

A Fashion God!
He is my inspiration!
His creations inspire me on a daily bases!

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