Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fire up the jet old chap i wanna go back........

while I was doing a daily search on etsy this morning I came across a necklace that was made from a picture of a nut that was called a devil head from china. This instantly triggered a memory from my childhood of a place that I lived briefly when I was 6... A short train ride from New York city along the Hudson river and just a short trip from Fahnestock memorial state park a wonderful play ground for the outdoor enthusiast .

This place has a special place in my heart and wish I could live there forever!!!
When I was 6 my mother myself and brother moved into a loft apartment on main st. just upstairs from the local bar and not even a mile from the local school that was grade k-12. This town was and still is considered a antiquing town! I remember having my window open on a hot summer night and I could hear the auctioneer screaming the prices in his monotone rhyme. The soft beat from the jukebox downstairs vibrating me to sleep. Walking down to the river front to smell the river and collect devil heads on the stone shore. Walking to school and it actually being up hill both ways! Getting ice cream at the local pizza parlor on our way home from school..... Picking tulips from the older women's front garden. Getting yelled at by the same women for picking her flowers and telling us to ask her to cut them for us instead of us pulling out her bulbs! playing in the play ground that I thought was so big and so far away..... And to my surprise it was small and very close to the home....

When I went back for the first time after abandoning this magical place I think I appreciated it more and missed it just as much. I could help but be proud that i had given a little of my childhood to have a memory as strong as this unique place that I now hold so close to my heart and wish I could still be living there...... It's the whole of this town that if you have been there then you know what I am talking about! Its magic and beauty that capture you and the surroundings make you wonder does this place exist or is this a dream?

Yes indeed it does exist its a small town in the Hudson valley just along the river.....
Cold Spring, New York..... A magical place that just might bring back your imagination.....

photo credit: the Cold Spring Architectural and Historic District Review Board

Photo credit: Amy Lee Pearsall

photo credit tony mazariello

The history of the town and the architecture I could find pictures the display its beauty
Full of abandoned castles and foundries. there is a ton of mystery that surrounds this town as well. Totally worth the trip if you ever decide you do want to go.

Upon my return to New York next year I promise when i visit my old stomping ground i will take a slew of photos for you!!!!

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