Thursday, November 5, 2009

Silver white winters that melt into springs

These are a
 few of my favorite things................
Upon browsing Etsy I came across not just a few things but ALOT of things! 
Here are a few that I have started to fall for......

Jane Austen's Romantic Eco Friendly Java Jacket
Made by TerreMum
A great store full of eco-chic clothing for children and adults!

Owl <span class=
Adorable shop full of cute ornaments and mp3 holders.
def. worth checking out!

Mini <span class=

made by vivikas
Adorable creatures for all people young and old!!!
These also make great stocking stuffers!

Marigold Necklace
Unique and affordable jewelry!  A great shop full of one of a kind finds!

French Bird Lady Cameo Silhouette (Art Print)
Made by ToxicInk
a great find! this shop is full of corky prints that i absolutely love!

SALE <span class=
I love this shop!  i love the humor that goes along with these beautiful antique cups and plates!

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  1. Thanks for including me in your adorable blog..I have to agree there really is so much to admire and covet on Etsy it makes Christmas shopping easy!
    Trix xx