Monday, July 13, 2009

Oh The searching And Creating I Do...............

Oh the searches I do online daily for anything vintage or crafting and decorating ideas.  I couldn't begin to calculate how many hours go into searching for just the right inspiration that I so desperately need  to complete the master piece that is my studio or bedroom...... I have to admit that I am so very close to being finished........ but is anyone ever really finished completing their masterpiece?  I know when the time comes I will eventually redecorate everything that I have done!  but for now I can enjoy what I have done so far......

I recently redecorated my bathroom from the god awful red that it was.   I know some of you will gasp after reading that but please allow me to explain that the red that was in the bathroom did not fit the room.  Red is not fitting for a small bathroom in fact red or any other dark color is not fitting color for any room that is small.  I changed the color of my bathroom to a beautiful light blue with black accessories and chrome details(fixtures).  I chose a lovely black and white damask shower curtain black shelving and black wall decoration with white bath towels, black and white hand towels and blue wash clothes.  I have to say it looks lush and spa like and was a lovely change to an other wise blah and not so fitting bathroom.  (Pictures to come).  

So on to my web find for all of you web junkies out there that are looking for cute hard to find items....... this a wonderful website that has beautiful stationary and wonderful art pieces and lovely cards and journals....... the website is papaya  (Click on the link for the website). here are the purchases that I recently made to make my boudoir complete.  

Bewitched $48.00

Beautiful $16.00
Beautiful - Art Panel Print - Art Panel Prints
Parrot Girl $16.00

Victorian Bird $16.00

Visit papaya and bask in the beautiful things they have for sale.... And Enjoy!

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